"Performance art per se has enjoyed isolated heydays on the Phoenix culture scene, and a new wave is cresting thanks to some genuinely experimental organizations, including Matthew Watkins' Orange Theatre Group. With cameras, microphones, and computers getting smaller and more affordable all the time, technology plays a vital role in sucking Orange's audiences in and then disturbing and disorienting them, as intended… [The] media tracks reveal perspectives and amplify secrets that add layers to the live performance, creating something that's hauntingly thought-provoking–and surprisingly beautiful."


 “Best A/V Club Phoenix 2012,” Phoenix New Times

"Much of Lorca's more straightforward dialogue and the main events of Blood Wedding's storyline are preserved in this work... which should let you relax and allow the magic of the trippy concept to wash over you. It will feel almost as though you've never seen acting, heard recorded sound, or been introduced to the concept of film or television before. You might need to invent a religion afterward to protect yourself from the terrifying spirits who command such powers."


Julie Peterson, Phoenix New Times



“...The niche for brain-scrambling experimental avant-gardism [is] empty. Stepping into the void is artistic director Matthew Watkins and Orange Theatre.”


Kerry Lengel, The Arizona Republic /