Gertrude Stein auditions at SCC

AUDITION TIMES: 3-6pm on Wednesday, May 4 6:30-9:30pm on Thursday, May 5 (If you are interested in auditioning but unable to make these times, please email the director, Matthew Watkins, at LOCATION: Scottsdale Community College Performing Arts Center (PAC)

9000 E Chaparral Rd

Scottsdale, AZ 85256 Map of SCC campus WHO CAN AUDITION: Anyone! If cast, a minimum SCC enrollment of THP 201AA (1 credit hour) is required. HOW TO SIGN UP: Call 480-423-6356 to sign up for a 10-minute audition slot

AUDITION GUIDELINES (Please read carefully!): 1. Prepare a one-minute monologue from a published play. Your piece should be memorized and well-prepared. You should understand your piece in the context of the play. This means reading it through to the end. Nothing from films, TV, or other non-theatre media. No original material. Nothing written by you or someone you know, unless it’s published. The purpose of an audition monologue is to show us how well you can create a character. We’re not looking for the most emotionally heightened moments. In fact, we discourage them. Please pick a piece that shows something unique about the character you’ve made. 2. Prepare 16 to 32 bars of vocal music (optional). Singing roles are available. If you would like to be considered, please prepare 16 to 32 bars of any musical material you know well. Style isn’t important. Show us what you do best. Accompanists will not be provided. There will be a sound system with a male headphone jack available. A piano is not guaranteed. Check with us beforehand if you think you will require one. 3. We will ask you to participate in one or two short exercises from our training program. No preparation for these exercises is needed. 4. Bring two copies of your headshot. We ask for headshots to help us remember who you are. To this end, please abide by the following professional guidelines: -Headshots should be you from the chest up against a neutral background. You should be looking directly into the camera. -They should be representative of what you look like on the day of your audition. They should be high quality and not blurry. -No casual snapshots, pictures from social media, or images containing other people. No 3/4 or full body shots. No hats, props, costumes, or costume makeup. No peace signs, hands on your face, or other gestures. 5. Bring two copies of your theatrical résumé. (Do not include work experience unrelated to the theatre on your résumé.)

GUIDELINES FOR CALLBACKS: May 6, 6:30-9:30pm at the Scottsdale Community College Performing Arts Center. Bring a pencil and something to write on. If you are called back, we will ask you to participate in a modified version of a normal rehearsal with our company. This will include: -Cold reads of material we’re considering for the show -Vocal and physical warmups -Participation in group and individual exercises from our training program -Learning devising techniques and quickly implementing them to create new theatrical material, both individually and as a group The following guidelines for callbacks are intended to ensure the safety of everyone: -Wear loose fitting clothes appropriate for movement. -No jewelry. -If you need corrective lenses to see, please wear contacts instead of glasses. Glasses can fly off your face and be damaged. If this is not possible, please contact us to make accommodations. -If you have long hair, bring a hair tie. -Bring socks. -NO JEANS. -We will be moving around a lot. Wear clothes that will not be too revealing. Wear underwear. -Clothing is an incredibly powerful method of communicating character. Because we want to see YOU as an actor who can create many different characters, please abide by the following guidelines: No unreasonably bright colors, no clothing with large or obtrusive logos, and no clothing that may impede your movement. QUESTIONS? Please email